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Classic Movie Outfits by Candice Milon

Movies and fashion; two of my favourite things. Candice Milon carefully folded and laid out the most well-known outfits in film history against colourful backdrops. Most of the recreated ensembles are instantly recognizable, but a few of them actually took a second to figure out. Do you have enough movie fashion expertise? Highlight the black box to test your knowledge!

Casablanca Highlight the black box

Wall Street Highlight the black box

Back to the Future Highlight the black box

Easy Rider Highlight the black box

The Blues Brothers Highlight the black box

Rebel Without a Cause Highlight the black box

A Clockwork Orange Highlight the black box

Forrest Gump Highlight the black box

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6 Responses


number 4 is rebel without a cause, I assume number 6 is easy rider?
I could be wrong but the black hat says rebel woac to me.


Neither Hopper or Fonda wore anything like that in Easy rider. It looks more similar to the outfit worn by Marlon Brando in The Wild One


I’m pretty sure number 6 is The Wild One with Marlon Brandon… you can check this om IMDB


ahah wow i got every one wrong but back to the future!
My guesses were:
1. Indiana Jones (lmao)
2. I guessed Office Space or something? lol
3. Back to the future! (got that one right!)
4. I guessed GREECE! hahahaha
5. Had no idea lol
6. Brokeback Mountain came to mind? lol
7. Had NO fucking clue.
8. Caddy Shack ahaha

I am the type of guy that will only see a movie if its free on TV :P


how did no one catch blues brothers or clockwork orange?


I got blues brothers, back to the future, my goodness, I need I watch more movies.


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